About Us/Whitepaper

What is Manaio?

The world's first charity cryptocurrency.
Manaio is the world's first cryptocurrency that developed the 1% value rule for its smart contracts, each time a new transaction happens 1% of the transaction value will be added to the charity foundation address.

The more you trade - The more you help
Today's cryptocurrency market cap exceeds 2 trillion dolars,if every transaction that ever happend could benefit from MNI smart contract 1% rule, we estimate a 10000% increase in the world charity donation funds.

- First blockchain charity donation ecosystem
- N
ew simple smart contract concept |1% rule giveback|
- Transparent and user driven charity platform, you choose where to donate and what charity project to fund by voting

- New charity projects every month
- Raise over 100.000.000$ from the 1% smartcontract rule in 2021
- Worldwide coverage
- Major world charity foundations fusion
- Cryptocurrency and blockchain education in schools

How does Manaio work?
Manaio works in a simple yet brilliant way, the coin is traded on exchange markets, each transaction brings up the 1% value rule, which adds money to charity, money add up to the charity foundation wallet, we make the hard work, create very diverse charity projects, you vote on which project you think deserves to be funded the most. At the end of each voting session we will start that winner project.

Manaio is all about transparency and we will update our community of each step we are taking.

" Charity brings to life again those who are spiritually dead." - Thomas Aquinas