Charity Projects

Manaio Charity Projects

Manaio is becoming one of the world's biggest self-sustained charity logistic foundation.

Our goal is to cover 150+ countries until 2024.

Our projects are focused on desperate situations that require immediate help.

In development projects.

1. Children's Cancer Institute.

Strong liquidity donation to the Children's Cancer Institute in Wien, Austria is one of our biggest ambition.

A dedicated team is working 24/7 to find the best liquidity deployment solution to sustain the Institue with MNI coin.

Future updates will be posted for the project as it evolves.

2. Stop world hunger project.

Another briliant project that started with Manaio is the stop world hunger project, a hard and until now impossible to achive target, is now becoming a reality, thanks to you for trading with MNI.

Stop world hunger project team is hunting for the most hunger affected areas in the world, working on the best logistic solutions to delivery a cost-effective solution in a timely maner.

3. Blockchain and cryptocurrency education in schools.

Childrens are the future, our future. That's why we at Manaio struggle to implement basic cryptocurrency education and blockchain basic understandment in schools. We as parents ourself see that times are changing, what is available today may not be tommorrow, therfore we work hard on a simple and logical school program implementation that will help not only this generation, but many to come.

4. New start for refugees.

Who would want to leave theyr home because of war, poverty or hunger? That's what we at Manaio thought, the New start for reugees project consist in basic attention and help for refugees in need, such as creating a legal resident enviroment, employment oportunities, social integration, financial assistance and more. We are focusing on all over the world refugees, from Syria to NKorea, all are welcome to reach for help.

5. Have a project in mind? Share it with us, maybe we can help!

If you know or heard about a situation that is requiring urgent help, please email us at

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” ― Maya Angelou