Cryptocurrency ( MNI )

Not just a coin
A world changing solution

The story.
In march of 2021 a charity activist from Romania by the name of Ionut Adrian Visan had an ideea that he can change the world by defragmenting a blockchain smart contract, so that every transaction can multiply an insignificant amount by a method he called the 1% rule.

The 1% rule is a simple yet very efficient smart contract agreement. With every made transaction, 1% of it's value would be subtracted from the smart contract cache and added to a user driven charity fund. 

Fully decentralized and independent coin.
Manaio's main goal is to be paired with all the major cryptocurrencies in the world, transaction volume being more important than the transaction value.

Future pairing - USDT                               Current pairing - ETH

        - BTC                - USDT

        - BNB                - BTC

                          - BUSD                 - VD

        - TUSD

        - USDC

        - DAI

        - PAX 

           - TRY 

Improve the world economy with FIAT and Crypto liquidity.

As the cryptocurrency market reaches new all time high we at Manaio found a way to bring joy and revenue to the normal everyday crypto owner or trader. The concept is simple so that everyone can understand it, the more you trade the more you help.

Crypto transaction levels have reached big numbers, when we will pair MNI with our target markets, we will be able to help and sustain the world's suffering countries, for example let's say that 1 MNI is worth 10$, when you buy or sell your 1 MNI 1% of that amount goes to our charity foundation wallet, 1% of 10$ = 0.1$. If we have 100000 transactions a day that = 10000$ in the charity foundation wallet.

We started small but we got BIG!
Our main focus is to gain as much traction and exposure in the shortest time possible.

Manaio's field teams are discussing with the world largest charity foundations so that they can benefit from the 1% rule smart contract and achieve they're goals as well, we will anounce here all of our future partnerships.

We estimate that Manaio will have a market cap of over 500.000.000$ by the end of 2021.

Worldwide charity coverage.
We have a very diverse charity action plan, our team is searching among the world's deepest problems, in order to better understand them and offer the most suitable solutions.

Not only that we will offer financial help to our projects, but we will also offer technical solutions and implementations.

Each charity project has a team behind it.
The charity projects that Manaio owners will vote for are backed up by a devoted team assigned especially for that project.

Each team is individually formed to handle the project techinal analysiss better and ensure a smooth implementation.

Teams behind each project will handle: 

                    - Communication

                   -  Troubleshooting

                   -  Financial analysis

                   - Technical analysis

                                                                      -  Project implementation                                                                            and development

Each project will have a year to year audit, each audit will point out the made progress and its weak points for future upgrades and improvements.


“It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” -  Mother Theresa