Manaio Blockchain

4th Generation Blockchain
Faster - Safer - Transparent - Revolutionary

Development approach:

Nothing is conventional to Manaio’s
blockchain, the concept is different, new,
simple and easy to understand, and no,
this is not an open source!

Block prediction with AI

Unlike conventional blockchains that need previous and future confirmations to add to a transaction, we adopted the Artificial Intelligence way, our AI algorithm can predict the blocks that will chain to a current transaction that needs confirmations, and will guide the newly formed hash instantly to the required confirmation block, by doing this transaction confirmations are done instantly, saving energy and time by up to 70% from a
conventional blockchain.

Hashing compression for instant cryptography

Our new cryptography algorithm will instantly compress your transaction hash for an easier and faster compiling process. Think of it like a small archived folder, when you compress a 1mp file to 100kb you are able to send it from pcA to pcB faster regardless the internet speed or computational power, because transaction wise the bandwidth used for the transfer will be less relevant, therefore we can enter the transfer on a faster but more crowded bandwidth, a good example would be driving on a shorter but crowded route on a motorcycle instead of a car, end result is you will get to your destination a lot faster, while everyone is
stuck in traffic.

Mass adoption of Manaio blockchain.
We aim to attract all the token developers to our ecosystem; how do we do that you ask? Simple, humanity reason! We all know the ups and downs of current blockchains, BTC is limited, ETH has high gas fees, BSC is fast, cheap but very crowded, we eliminated all of the downsides of the above.
Imagine for a moment that we have 100 tokens running on Manaio blockchain, on 100 tokens being deployed and transferred every day let’s assume that over 100000 MNI will be used in gas fees and if its price is, for example, 0.1 USDT, we managed to raise in our charity wallet 10000 USDT per day. This concept proved already to be successful in the token phase of the project, the potential of it on a blockchain level is
enormous, as it is giving back to the community the power of doing good, and this says it all.