Accomplishing great things together!

We did it! We did it thanks to our amazing community!
Once again the power of unity wins the day, words can't describe the feeling we had when we were applauded by hundreds on people, and no, it was not us who they were applauding, it was
Manaio, the concept, the idea, the community.

We were invited to partner with
World Vision and went straight away, no questions asked, we are here to help, we are here to stay!

Thanks to you 1000 kids will go to school and 50000 people will have food on the table!

We will be able to help 1000 kids go to school this year, we will be able to help feed 50000 people from all over the world thanks to our community, we are thrilled to manage this project with a community so involved as ours, we respect and cherish our community as they put profits second to charity, and that for us tells it all.

Thanks to this event we gained a lot of exposure, we discussed with Prime Ministers and famous people from all around the world. Great things are coming.

Blockchain education in schools, 

with Andrei and Adrian.

Among all the discussion we had with our new partner, we managed to build the foundation of our long awaited project, blockchain technology education in schools. Who are the teachers you may ask? It's us! We will educate teachers from all over the world with our own simple words in order to better understand and explain the blockchain technology to kids, for a brighter tomorrow.